UPH High Performance

  • UPM is state approved and used by state DOTs all across the U.S.
  • Upon compaction, the aggregate and asphalt interlock making the patch stable and ready for immediate traffic. Road dust and dirt will crust the top of the patch. The patch will slowly cure below the crust, remaining flexible during expansion and contraction.
  • Approximately 10 lbs. of UPM per square foot at 1” depth (compacted) or approximately 1.4 ton UPM = 1 cubic yard.
  • UPM is not self-priming. The proprietary liquid asphalt gives tenacious binding properties to the hole.
  • Wet or dry, UPM is designed to perform in any weather, any temperature
  • UPM is ideal for concrete pavements including roadways, driveways, bridge decks and parking lots.
  • Hand tamper, vibratory plate compactors, rollers or compaction by wheel rolling with a vehicle are acceptable. Sufficient compaction of UPM after installation will increase initial surface stability of the repair and prevent rutting.

Available At West Sioux Falls Asphalt Plant, Sioux Falls Quarry