Ellis & Eastern Railroad

At Ellis & Eastern Railroad, Your Success Is Our Destination

Serving customers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Ellis & Eastern Railroad can help you lower transportation costs when you need to move materials across the Sioux Empire to a location along the rail line.

Ellis & Eastern is a vital part of Sweetman Construction Company, primarily transporting aggregate products for Concrete Materials. With rail transportation services available to outside customers, the company specializes in meeting the needs of area companies who want to decrease their trucking costs on cargo such as lumber, scrap metals, farm products, and chemicals.

Formerly a part of the Chicago & NorthWestern, the rail lines were purchased by Sweetman Construction in the late 1980s. After repairing the track, the line was reopened in 1989 stretching from Brandon, South Dakota, through downtown Sioux Falls, to Ellis, South Dakota.

Ellis & Eastern Company

1500 N. Sweetman Pl.
PO Box 84140
Sioux Falls, SD 57118-4140

ph. (605) 357-6000
fax (605) 367-3752