Concrete Pumping Services

Versatile and Time-saving

When a big job requires a large quantity of ready mix concrete, Knife River is ready to deliver the affordable products you need, promptly, even in tight spots. With more than 50 trucks available in Sioux Falls alone, and others standing by across the region, our radio-dispatched trucks are ready to deliver.

Big or small, we can accommodate your concrete pumping needs with either  conventional tandem and booster trucks. Versatile and time-saving, boom pumps allow you to set up fast, helping you finish projects on time and on budget.

Customer Preparations and Safety Concerns

To ensure safety and efficient delivery and pumping of concrete, it is important that a job site and the construction crew is properly prepared.

  • Ensure the site is clear.
  • Designate a level area of ground with a firm base to support the pump unit. The pump should ideally be placed where the operator has an unobstructed view of the pump and the pour area.
  • Ensure clear access to the pump unit for concrete trucks.
  • Establish safe, unobstructed access for the general public if the unit is in the street.
  • Secure a clearly defined pump washout area.
  • Washout area must accommodate collecting concrete residue, avoiding storm drains  and complies with local requirements.
  • Communicate with us in advance to confirm the quantity of concrete needed and the time schedule for the pour. Follow special ordering instructions for color and performance concrete mixes.
  • When multiple concrete delivery trucks are required, a spotter or traffic controller must be on site to direct the movement of trucks.
  • Don’t plan to add water to concrete mixtures at the job site. A member of our Quality Control team can advise you in advance to determine a mix ideal for your project that is easier to place. We will not guarantee results when the mix that has been delivered is altered.

These simple guidelines ensure the efficient delivery of concrete to your job site.

  • Communicate directions including the job site address, zip code, and nearest major street or intersection.
  • Provide the name of the responsible person at the job site including a mobile phone number.
  • To change an order, call your dispatcher at least one hour before the concrete is expected at the job site. Most concrete is loaded 30-45  minutes before it is due.
  • To cancel an order, let us know at least two hours before the concrete is expected at the job site.
  • Stay in touch during the pour, notifying us of any situations that may affect the schedule. Traffic tie-ups, slow placement, difficult access, and accidents may affect the trucks’ return to the plant. Let dispatch know if the pours will require extra time.
  • Request that your sales rep come to the site when access is difficult or there are unforeseen challenges affecting the pour.
  • Assign one person at the job site to instruct the drivers and help guide them in and out of the site.

At Concrete Materials, we’re committed to making sure your projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner. By following these simple guidelines, projects run more smoothly and stay on schedule.

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