Safety On The Job Site

Safety is a must on the job site, and there are some things that you can do to help keep yourself and our driver be safe. Here are a few tips to that end.

  • Consider how the mixer will access the area–is there a strong, stable, and level roadway to the location?
  • Help direct the mixer into location by using hand signals: the drivers cannot hear directions over the noise of the mixer
  • Exercise caution around the mixer. Do not walk or stand under the chutes!
  • Inform dispatch if the mixer will be on site any longer than planned. Extra charges may apply if the mixer is delayed in returning to the plant.
  • Maintain the proper slump! Adding water to the concrete will reduce its strength considerably.
  • Have only one person instructing the driver on the job site. Be very careful to inspect the area for overhead wires and branches before backing the mixer into position.